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songs begining with c

1. Can You Hear?
(tune: Bla )
Can You Hear The Chelsea Sing?
No, No!
Can You Hear The Chelsea Sing?
I Can't Hear A F*c*ing Thing!
Ohhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Liverpool Fans

2. Cardiff
(tune: Hey Sar )
tell me mar me mar i dont want no bacon barms beacause am goin to cardiff arms tell me mar me mar

this was the first tell ya mar liverpool song

3. Cardiff
(tune: Dnt Know )
Wer all goin to Cardiff
Wer all goin to Cardiff
La la la la La la la la

At watford when we got to the carling cup final

4. Carragher
(tune: ????????? )
hes scouse
hes sound
hell tw*t u with a pound
carragher carragher [repeat x3]

5. Carragher
(tune: No1 Knows )
He's Scouse
He's Great
He's Stevie Gerrards Mate

Jamies A Legend

6. Champions League
(tune: Que Ser Rar Ser Rar )
tell me mar me mar
to pack ya case full
were goin 2 istanbul
tell me mar me mar!!!

After we thumped Leverkusen......why not sing this!!!

7. Cheer Up Arsene Wenger
(tune: Dunno )
Cheer up Arsene Wenger
Oh what can it mean
To a sad French B*st*urd
And a sh*te football team

sung to wenger

8. Cheyrou-who Needs Zidane
(tune: Chim-chimeny )
Chim Chimeny Chim Chimeny
Chim Chim Cheroo
Who needs Zidane
When we've got Cheyrou?

Good question

9. Cisse
(tune: You Should Know It )
oh cisse am down on my knees
am beggin you please score goals x3

sung at away games

10. Come All
(tune: Mighty Quinn )
Come all without
Come All within
You ain't seen nothing like the Mighty Emlyn


11. Comin Up The Hill Boys
(tune: Havent Got A Clue )
the reds are coming up the hill boys
the reds are coming up the hill boys

they all laugh at us
they all mock at us
they all say are days are numbered

born to be a scouse
victorious are we

if your gunna win a cup then you better hurry up cause of
liverpool fc

vitorious and glorious
we will take you on just four of us
and glory be to god that there isnt any more of
us cause four of us will take the f*ckin lot.

it is sung at every game 2 any team

12. Cracker
(tune: Liverpool Matches )
l_i_v e_r_p double_o_l liverpool fc

we all ate the man u scum
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