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songs begining with h

1. Hamman
(tune: Do You Wanna Be In My Gang )
Hamman hamman hamman hamman hamman

Another unsung hero

2. Hark Now Here
(tune: That Christmas Song )
Hark now hear
The scousers sing
The toffees ran away
And we will fight for ever more
Because of Derby day

3. Harry Kewell
(tune: (daddy Daddy Cool, Daddy Daddy Cool) )
Harry Harry Kewell, Harry Harry kewell

A great song for Harry kewell for all the kopites to sing.

4. Harry Kewell
(tune: To The Tune Of Wem-ber-ley Wem-ber-ley )
Harry Kewell Harry Kewell
He said F**K OFF to Man United
And he came to Liverpool
Harry Kewell Harry Kewell!!

So u think u can do any better??!

5. Harry Kewell
(tune: , )
Harry, Harry Kewell, The king of liverpool

Sung When ever kewell is playing

6. Harry The Red Kangaroo
(tune: Theam From Skippy The Bush Kangaroo )
Harry, Harry, Harry the red Kangaroo,
Harry, Harry, Harry a red through and through.

Well, he is an Aussie?

7. He Scouse He Sound
(tune: Psssh )
hes scouse
hes sound
he will tw*t you
with a pound
carragher carragher

sang in the albert and at leeds away 4-0

8. Hello, Hello
(tune: Hello )
Hello, Hello, We are the Kopite boys
Hello, Hello, We are the Kopite boys
And if you're an Ev'ton fan, surrender or you'll die,
Cos we'll all follow the Liverpool

One of the Greatest Football Anthems ever

9. Henchoz
(tune: 7 Dwarfs Song Hi Ho Hi Ho Etc Etc )

song for our unsung hero

10. Henry
(tune: Arsernal )
chim chimny chim chim chim cherooooooooooooooo

henry a wa***r and so is cole to

it is sung to henry

11. Here, There And Every F***ing Where
(tune: Quartermaster's Stores )
He's here,
He's there,
He's every f***ing where,
Ian Rush,
Ian Rush.

Sung whenever Rushie did something good.

12. Hey Hey Goodbye
(tune: ????????????????? )
na na na na na NA! hey hey hey GOODBYE!
na na na na na NA! hey hey hey GOODBYE!
na na na na na NA! hey hey hey GOODBYE!

repeat as much as you like

sing to the other fans when we are going to knock them out cup......which we're used to doing

13. Hills Of Anfield
(tune: Liverpool )
you may talk about arsenal
how there the best a team can be
whos the man in the man u top,is cisse better than henry
but ask them all whers anfield its not a mstery

and if i could build a wall around the merseyside
the north and south to keep them out my god i`ll build it tall
spain and portugal my god we`ll buy them all
we`d have the premership in the hills of the kop
YEAH the premiership in the hills of the kop

it was sung at finn park.it is written to all the staff and players

14. His Name Is Rio
(tune: Rio By Duran Duran )
His name is Rio and he's injured all the time.
He's in a rehab clinic cos [alledgedly] he likes a line.

Sung to Rio Ferdinand when he plays.........not got a pot to p*ss in at present though!
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