lfctash (lfctash) wrote in liverpoolfcsong,

songs begining with i

1. I See You
(tune: I See You Baby (shcking That Ass) )
i see you li tie
serving those chips...
serving those chips...

i see you yobo
hurt by those whips...
hurt by those whips...

it is sung to li tie and joey yobo

2. Ian Rush
(tune: ? )
Ian Rush
Ian Rush
Ian Ian Rush
He gets the ball and scores a goal
Ian Ian Rush

3. If I Had The Arse Of A Crow
(tune: Dunno )
If i had the arse of a crow
And the great big wings of a eagle
Id fly over to Man U tomorrow and SH*TE on the Ba*t*rds below

sung to Man U scum

4. Igor
(tune: - )
He's red! He's big!
His name begins with Ig!
Or Biscan! Or Biscan!


5. Igor Biscan
(tune: The Club Biscuit Advert Off Tv In The 80s )
He's hard as nails and from Croatia
Igor Biscan joined our club

Not sung much. He don't play much. Thank God.

6. Igor Biscan
(tune: Old Patrick Berger Chant )
Igor Biscan
Is a giant of a man
Plays in the middle with Hamann
Try an catch him if you can

sung after goal of the season at Fulham

7. Igor Biscan
(tune: 1-0 Down 2-1 Up M. Owen Won The Cup )
2-0 down 4-2 up igor biscan wrapped it up but he didn't know what to do when he scored that goal poore old igor was on his own

sung to igor biscan for his goal against fulham

8. Im Sticking With You
(tune: Velvet Underground )
I'm sticking with you
'cos you're bruno cheyrou
whatever you wanna do
we're gonna love you

10. In My Liverpool Home
(tune: Only 1 Tune Like It(hard 2 Explain) )
in me liverpool home, in me liverpool home we spea[ with an accent exteedinly rare, meet under a statue exteedinly bare, if you want a cathedral weve got one to spare, in my liverpool home

sang by the kop(usually playing united scum)

11. In Your Manchester Scrubs
(tune: ??? )
in your manchester scrubs, yer speak with accent that knowone can stand
yer ugly fat b*st*rds with sh*t on yer hands
in your manchester scrubs.

sung at manc

12. Istanbul
(tune: Istanbul )
where the greatest team in Europe and where going to
(Repeat 2 or 3 times)

For the Greatest team in Europe who are gonna win the Champions Leauge.

13. It's A Long Way To Wembley Stadium
(tune: - )
It's a long way to Wembley stadium. It's a long way to go.
It's a long way to Wembley stadium
To see the greatest team I know.
So it's goodbye Upper Parly, farewell Clayton Square.
It's a long, long way to Wembley stadium,
But Liverpool will be there.


14. It's Good To Watch The Greatest Team At Home
(tune: , )
Well the old Kop looks the same
As I stand and watch the game
There's the green, green grass that
Liddell used to play on.
Hunt, St.John and Peter Thompson
Score the goals
Whenever Shankly wants them
It's good to watch the greatest team at home.

Yes, we'll all go and see Big Rowdy
Cheer the team that serves us proudly,
It's good to watch the greatest team at home.
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